We Call It
Raw Power Panel


The Basics

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Secure. We use Docker Containers to keep your server safe from others.

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Unique. We've added dozens of custom tools/features to improve your experience.

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Fast. Even though we've added a lot, we never compromise on speed!


The Features

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Sleek design all the way

Nobody likes looking at a bad interface, which is why we've put countless hours into making the RPP look the best it can! Isn't she pretty?

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Never Be Alone

With subusers you can give all of your most trusted server administrators permission to specific parts of your server. You won't have to be alone anymore while managing your server!

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Rep that Subdomain

Don't want to purchase your own domain? No problem! We offer free subdomains for every server!

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Essentials Details

Why would you want to have the most generic information about your server spread around on different pages? Exactly, you shouldn't. Our Server Details page combines all the general information you need, on one page!

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Databases for All

Through our panel you get access to your own databases to use for plugins and such! Store all your data neatly in their own databases and connect to them with MySQL tools!

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Backup Your Data

Backing up your data is one of the most important thing about running a server, and it doesn't have to be hard. Easily create backups whenever you want through our panel and restore them at any given time!

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Automate Everything Coming Soon!

Through our schedules you can schedule tasks automatically so you never have to think about those again. Easily edit in CRON formatting and watch while your server automatically runs your tasks for you!


Want to try it out?

Because we like you all so much, you can use the button below to try our demo panel! On here, you can view our entire UI, all of our features, and get comfortable with it!

Demo Coming Soon!