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Server Hosting Plans

We have made our plans extremely powerful by using the latest and greatest when it comes to hardware.

Off-Site Regular Backups

Nobody likes losing data, and especially not for your game-servers. We've setup a reliable and easy to use backups system, that can automatically create backups for you. Bonus points, they're all stored off-site in case of emergencies.

Host Games, Tools & More

Sometimes you just want to play another game, as you should. With our Panel, you can easily switch between your favorite games, and even host a multitude of easy to use and useful tools, all from the same panel.

Free Dedicated IPs & Reverse Proxies

To give you the best possible experience, certain features are a must in our eyes. Features like free dedicated IPs*, reverse proxies, multiple backup slots and more all from within our panel, at no additional cost.

Easily Switch your Jars or Games

Keeping all your game-jars up to date can be a hassle, to which we said; no more! Using our built-in Claws feature, easily switch or update your server jars without having to search for the proper one and upload them through the panel.

No More Fuss

Select the right plan.

Selecting the right plan for YOUR server can be difficult but is a vital part of the process.Choose from our wide range of plans fit for every type of server or hop on our Discord to get game-specific advice!All Shared Hosting Plans' prices slashed
SHARED CPU CORESCPU performance for smaller tier servers from $5/mo
Intel Xeon E3-1275 or Similar
3 GB DDR3 Memory
Shared CPU Core
3 Ports
1 GBit/s Connection
Free Reverse Proxy
7.50$5 USDper month
Intel Xeon E5-2690 or Similar
4 GB DDR3 Memory
Shared CPU Core
5 Ports
1 GBit/s Connection
Free Reverse Proxy
GermanyUnited States of America
10$8 USDper month
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (EU) AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (US)
6 GB DDR4 Memory
Shared CPU Core
1 GBit/s Connection
Free Reverse Proxy
GermanyUnited States of America
16$14 USDper month
DEDICATED CPU CORESIncredible Dedicated Core Performance from $24/mo
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (US) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (EU) AMD Ryzen 9 7900 (AUS)
8 GB DDR4 Memory
Dedicated CPU Core
1 GBit/s Connection
Free Reverse Proxy
GermanyUnited States of AmericaAustralia
28$24 USDper month
Up to 13900K/7950X (US) AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (EU) AMD Ryzen 9 7900 (AUS)
10 GB DDR4 Memory
Dedicated CPU Core
1 GBit/s Connection
Free Reverse Proxy
GermanyUnited States of AmericaAustralia
40$36 USDper month

Discord Bots

Want to host a bot for your Discord community instead?With features such as full git integration and support for many languages, you can be certain we have something for you.
Bots Plans for all your Discord bot needs!
Plan Information
Support for most languages. Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust and more.
500 MB DDR4 Memory
1 MySQL Database
3 Backup Slots
1 GBit/s Connection
$5 USDper 3 months
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OneShot SMPOneShot SMP
What We Offer

Managed Server Migration

We all know the struggle of migrating between hosts, so we've decided to make that process a whole lot smoother for you!
Create a TicketPurchased a server with us? Ready to migrate from your old host? Join our Discord and create a support ticket to request a migration.
Provide SFTP DetailsProvide us with the FTP/SFTP details of your current host and create a .zip of all your files. We will then migrate your files for you!
Enjoy the Game!Once migrated, we will let you know when your server is ready to go. After that, the fun can begin!
Much Features. Very WoW.

Additional Features

All our plans come feature packed with helpful tools for noobs to pros.
Custom Startup FlagsWant to control & customize your Startup Arguments for your server? With us, you get full access to customize and improve your Startup Arguments as needed!
Jar SwitcherNeed to quickly change server jars? You can do so with a click with our built-in Server Jar Switcher!
1-Click Server OptimizationDo you want your server to use the recommended practices for Paper servers so it can run smoother? With our 1-Click Optimization button, it will edit your Paper configurations for you!
Free SubdomainsEver wanted your friends to connect to your Game Server without remembering those pesky numbers? With us, you get a free subdomain with every service!
Download from URLHosting files elsewhere and don’t feel like downloading them for your server? Just copy and paste the link within our Download from URL button!
DatabasesDatabases are the dream for any large server. Why be limited? You get 10 Databases with us!
1-Click ReinstallationWanted to quickly wipe your server and restore it to when it was first installed? You can do so by reinstalling the server yourself!
DocumentationEver needed to get a quick explanation on how to set things up on the panel? Click our Documentation button and get access to the documentation written by our staff and community contributors.