Raw Power Minecraft
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Amazingly fast. Like it should be.

Latest Intel i9 & AMD Ryzen CPU's

Custom & Modern Control Panel

Gigabit Server Connections

24/7 Support & In-Depth Technical Assistance

99.99% Uptime SLA Agreement

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Built to perform

All our servers are using top of the line hardware to make sure you have the best possible experience. This is the raw power you deserve.

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Transparancy is key

We all know hosts that oversell their nodes, leading to a bad experience for you. Overselling is in the past, performance is now.

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Advanced game panel

Elegant and rich in features for experienced Minecraft Server Owners, yet extremely simple and intuitive for new Server Owners.

Raw Power Panel

The most amazing Panel ever
created for

We've compiled our best features and styles into a single panel. Ready to use whenever you want.

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Always making it better

We're developing our Panel all the time, giving you the best features.

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Fast and reliable, what else?

We know what our customers want in a Panel and understand our customers better than anyone.


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We always make sure you have the best experience while hosting a server with us while being one of the fastest on the Minecraft Server Market. You need performance? We got it!

Raw Power Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Plans

The plans listed below are all meant for the Java Edition of Minecraft. All plans are optimised to work well with every version!


Starting at

$ 14 /mo

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
EU only!

6 GB DDR4 Memory

Dedicated CPU Core


1 GBit/s Connection

Free Reverse Proxy*

Order Budget

Starting from

$ 24 /mo

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
EU only!

8 GB DDR4 Memory

Dedicated CPU Core


1 GBit/s Connection

Free Dedicated IP*

Free Reverse Proxy*

Order Premium

Starting from

$ 36 /mo

Intel i9-9900k (EU)
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (US)

10 GB DDR4 Memory

Dedicated CPU Core

Unmetered NVMe SSD*

1 GBit/s Connection

Free Dedicated IP*

Free Reverse Proxy*

EU & US Locations

Order High-End
All in one solution

Everything you need, all in one place

All the benefits of hosting with DedicatedMC.io are listed below! Have a suggestion for something we should implement? Join our Discord and let us know!

Instant server setup. Purchase and play!

Want to transfer to us? We'll handle it, free of charge.

DDoS Protection to prevent your downtime.

Compatibility with Paper, Spigot, Forge and others.

Easy to use file uploads and usage of Custom Server Jars.

Free MySQL Databases with every package.

Easy to add scheduled automated tasks.

Complete SFTP access to all your server files.

On-Server support by skilled programmers and developers.

Support for DNS, SRV and Subdomains

Two Factor authentication Support. Security above all.

Free Reverse Proxy and SSL including setup for Dynmap.

Free Player Statistics Page with every Package + SSL.

Simple yet feature rich Panel, everything you'll need.

No oversold nodes, only the best for you!

Configure your pre-production servers

Development Servers

Are you still setting up your server which isn’t in production yet? With a Dev server you can setup your plugins and make sure your entire server is ready for production without having to pay the full price! Our Dev Servers get a standard of 3GB of Memory for just a small price!

Dev Server
$ 5 /mo

Intel i7-6700
Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6
EU only!

3 GB Memory


Total of 3 ports

SRV Record Support

1 GBit/s Connection

Order Dev Server

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